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Practice Areas

Business Law


Kirschner Law, PC represents businesses in diverse industries across the United States and around the world in local, state, and international matters. The firm assists with deals, disputes, litigation, negotiations, risk management, and simple and complex transactions. A trusted outside counsel to a number of corporations, the firm helps to navigate and advise businesses through growth opportunities with third parties, disputes and litigation, employment law issues, and intellectual property matters.

Entertainment Law

The firm has provided representation to prominent businesses and individuals in the entertainment industries since its founding. The firm has counselled large and small production companies, legendary hip-hop musicians, writers, animators, professional athletes, comedians, indie artists, DJs, DIY businesses, and creative professionals in disputes, deals, productions, negotiations, and other matters large and small, including production counselling for film and television, recording and production agreements, copyright licensing, and management agreements.

Kirschner Law, PC does not shop scripts or demos.


Personal Injury Law


Kirschner Law, PC is experienced in personal injury matters, and handles accidental personal injury cases, including car, motorcycle, and bicycle accidents, dog or animal attacks, workplace accidents, or accidents taking place on the premises of a business or third party or caused by a defective product.


The firm provides free, no-obligation case evaluations. There is no charge for the firm's legal services unless there is a settlement or recovery. The firm works to obtain the best possible outcome for you and your family.




Contract Law


The firm expertly drafts and reviews simple and complex agreements of all types in all areas of the law, including NDAs, partnership and operating agreements, business acquisition and purchase agreements, promissory notes, employment and independent contractor agreements, and residential and commercial leases.


Incorporation & LLC Formation

Kirschner Law, PC forms LLCs and incorporates business entities in California and other jurisdictions, including drafting appropriate articles of incorporation, operating agreements, partnership agreements, obtaining federal tax IDs, registering trademarks, and registering DBAs or trade names.


These services are usually done on a flat-fee basis; please call for a free consultation and quote.



The growth of the internet has taken feuds public in a way that was difficult to foresee. Kirschner Law, PC has prosecuted and defended civil defamation claims in California, and offer aggrieved parties experienced counseling on the current state of libel and slander law and California's anti-SLAPP statute.


If you believe you have been defamed, or are defending a defamation allegation against you, please call for a free consultation.



The firm has experience and expertise in dispute resolution and litigation in the areas of complex business litigation, intellectual property law (including copyright and trademark), employment law, breach of contract, defamation, and other matters in the state and federal courts. The firm represents both plaintiffs and defendants in these areas.


The firm's approach to client service in civil litigation is transparent, aggressive, sophisticated, and efficient.

Trademark & Copyright Law

Ethan D. Kirschner is an experienced intellectual property practitioner. The firm registers copyrights with the U.S. Copyright Office and trademarks with the USPTO and the various state registration entities. The firm counsels businesses and individuals on copyright and trademark matters, including intellectual property licensing and DMCA takedowns, and has experience litigating these matters in state and federal court.


Ethan Kirschner has significant experience representing individuals in Chapter 7 bankruptcies and believes strongly in upholding the rights given by our laws to make a fresh start. Please call for a free consultation.

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